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The apocalyptic The Last of Us takes place at least partially in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A set of new screenshots and a few scant details shed a little more light on the game, which until now has been fairly mysterious.

Game Informer reports that the setting is confirmed by one shot with a yellow bridge in the background, and Pittsburgh loves yellow bridges. Given that the game is post-apocalyptic and inspired by The Road, it wouldn't surprise us to visit other locales.

The combat includes gunplay and melee attacks, not unlike a certain other Naughty Dog title. Weapons will also degrade with use, so you'll need to scavenge for new ones. Finally, Naughty Dog promises that Ellie won't need to be looked after. She's an AI character and you won't ever control her, but the developer is making a conscious effort to keep The Last of Us from becoming an escort mission.

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